4 Rug Cleaning Tips For Boulder, CO


4 Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips:

Large area rugs can help bring color and cohesion to any space, but dirty and discolored rugs can be enough to make anyone go running in the opposite direction.

If you’ve made the investment in a large rug, you should also take care of it with routine cleaning and maintenance.

Highly rated Ayoub Carpet Service of Chantilly, Va., offers these simple tips to help extend the lifespan of your rug and ensure it remains the bright spot in your space:

1. Vacuum often to get the loose dirt out of the rug.

2. Do not vacuum the fringe, as it will cause fray damage.

3. If you do spill something on the rug, blot dry with a clean white terry cloth towel and blot again and again with a small amount club soda.

4. Don’t use any other type of cleaning agent since it may cause the dye to bleed and may set the stain.

For ultimate care, get your rug cleaned by a professional rug washing service in Boulder, CO  every one to three years.