Mattress Cleaning


Breathe Easier.  Sleep Better.



King... both sides: $190... one side: $110, Queen...both sides:$145... one side: $85,

Full... both sides: $100... one side: $60, Twin... both sides: $65... one side: $40.


You Spend Up to 1/3 of Your Life On Your Mattress. Has It Ever Been Cleaned?


You get all stuffed up at night.  You feel groggy when you wake up.  You don't sleep well.  

Sometimes you have coughing fits that wake you up in the middle of the night.

Or do you sneeze for seemingly no reason while in bed?


WHY Is That?

Your mattress is your primary source of dust mite allergens. Dust mites thrive in your mattress because of what YOU put there.  

Don't take it personally.  Everyone does it.  Every human sheds dead skin cells constantly. Your body provides the food that dust mites love to eat!  BUT, what goes in must come out- and while they are constantly multiplying by the thousands, they are all also pooping, non-stop, all over your mattress and bedding.


Your Mattress Is a Pool of Dustmite Activity and You are Swimming in Their Unhealthy Mire!

Dust mite feces contain Der p1- the allergen that many people are allergic to.  So not only do you need to get rid of the dust mites, but you must get rid of their waste also.

 Here's Your Solution.

1) Our 240º, high heat mattress cleaning process will kill dust mites on contact.  It will extract dust mite dead bodies and also their feces.  

2) We follow the cleaning with our Allergen Relief Treatment (click for more info).  This treatment changes the properties of dust mite allergens- rendering them harmless.  And then you have no more allergic response!  

3) Plus- it provides a residual allergen barrier for up to 6 whole months after treatment application!

AND... it not only works on dust mite allergens, but, it also works on cockroach allergens, dog dander allergens and cat saliva allergens as well!