Before Carpet Cleaning- Bag or Bagless Vacuum, Which is Better?


In reality they both do the same job really well with some minor differences. In the old days, the by Vid-Saver">bagged vacuum cleaner was basically a single ply or sometimes 2 ply paper container with a cardboard collar. The bags were thin which allowed dust dirt to escape back in the living environment. Those days are gone. Now, most bags are 3 ply with a cotton type liner which captures and keeps the dust where it belongs…inside the vacuum cleaner. Some manufactures don’t use paper products at all to make their bags, their woven from other fabrics which make them even more efficient at filtering out the dust and debris prior to allowing the air back out and into your home. And some manufactures have gone as far to incorporate HEPA type filtering media to help those who are suffering from allergens or other health problems. However, depending on the manufacturer replacing the bags can be costly and it is an added expense. One should plan on spending at least $20.00 dollars or more for a year’s supply of bags.


Bagless vacuum cleaners have a plastic cup or tray that is clear and captures the dirt. One should not empty the cup while in the confines of your home, it can be messy and dust usually spreads because of the empting action. It should also be noted that in order to keep dirt and dust out of the motor and home, these vacuums have a large filter in the airstream…usually located in front of the suction fan and sometimes another one after it, used to capture the dirt and dust. This filter(s) will need cleaned periodically. Some of them can be washed and dried, while others will simply need a good shaking or tapping against the side of a hard surface. One of the most important things to remember about a bagless vacuum, they are not maintenance free. Even though you don’t spend money on the actual bag, you will at some point spend money on replacing those filters located in the airstream. And most of the time, these can be expensive depending on the level of filtering capability required by the manufacturer and the size of the filters. by Vid-Saver">Bagless vacuums also reply on a series of seals that are located around the cup to keep it from leaking. Should these seals ever crack, break or flatten out…they will need to be replaced.

How much do I need to spend?

Today, we see very efficient vacuums that start out in the price range of $120 dollars to around $240 or so. We don’t believe that you need to break the bank to get and efficient and easy to use vacuum cleaner that gets good ratings. If you are looking at getting a unit with a hospital grade HEPA filter, plan on spending a considerable amount more.

And Remember:  Vacuuming is the single most beneficial thing you can do to prolong carpet life and it's appearance.    It's also an extremely important step before professional steam extraction carpet cleaning.  Ridding the carpet of dry particulate soil will help the professional get your carpet even cleaner.