Berber Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO.

This video shows Berber carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO.  Often, professional carpet cleaners will charge extra for cleaning your Berber carpet.  We find this unnecessary. If a company has the correct procedures for cleaning carpet in all situations, those procedures will not change with Berber.  Proper pre-treatment with a high quality cleaning agent made specifically for carpet is a must.  Some companies actually will use NO cleaning agents (they just use water) OR they'll use laundry detergent or the cheapest industrial cleaner they can find.  Do you really want your carpet cleaned with the same chemical that is designed to clean garage floors?  By using the proper cleaning products, agitating them into your Berber and giving them time to dwell and then steam extracting with extreme HOT, soft, neutralized water, an experienced professional will clean your Berber up beautifully.

If you have any questions about Berber carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO, call Cleancare of Boulder at 303-530-0646.