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How to Clean Wool Wall to Wall Carpeting (part two).

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One of the advantages of wool is that is can hide a tremendous amount of dirt before it begins to show. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it magically disappeared.  The dirt is still there and can cause Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and odor issues as well as reducing the life of your carpet. Soil is very abrasive and will abrade the wool fibers as if your were using sand paper over time.  It needs to be extracted out of the carpet and unfortunately, simply vacuuming is not enough to remove sticky soils and other deep down dirt. The good news is that it will not hurt your wool carpet to clean it using the industry recommended hot water extraction (steam) cleaning method. This is the most thorough, effective method for removing that greasy, gritty, fiber-eating soil in the base of the carpet. The Best Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO 80304 has been cleaning wool carpeting for over 14 years. They know how to clean your carpet investment correctly!  Here are a few pointers to remember when getting your wool carpet cleaned.:

Smells like Rover.  Being an organic fiber, wool will tend to smell a bit organic when cleaned.  Mmmmm– don’t you love that wet dog smell?  This is part of the experience of owning a wool carpet, so don’t worry. This odor will quickly dissipate as the carpet dries. Drying should not take longer than 2 to 6 hours on average.

Holds on to stains.  One of the advantages to using wool cloth or fibers is that it takes dyes very readily. One of the disadvantages is that it keeps on readily accepting dyes after installation. In other words, stain removal can be a pretty challenging proposition for wool, especially on old stains that have been set with time. You can certainly remove them with the right products and skill, but don't expect to see that Kool-Aid pop out of your wool carpet like it did on your olefin carpet. Having your cleaning professional apply a high quality wool-safe carpet protector will aid in the removal of potential stains and spots.

Needs gentle cleaning products.  Be sure that your cleaner does not use highly alkaline steam cleaning agents: Somewhere around a pH of 8.5 is the limit. Strong cleaning chemicals that work well on nylon should not be used on wool.  Alkalinity will degrade organic fibers, can show up as yellowing or browning and can cause fiber degradation over time. This is possibly the most important difference between cleaning conventional carpet and wool.

Back off the heat.  Your professional cleaner must also be very careful that he (or she) does not use overly hot cleaning solution, as possible color bleeding and shrinking can occur. 

No bleach. Not ever, ever, ever…  Lastly, bleach is a huge no-no because it will actually dissolve wool. So don't be tempted to remove a tough stain with bleach, and then think you can hire the carpet-dyeing guy if you bleach your carpet. Your fibers will be gone!  You'll be hiring the carpet repair guy instead.

With these few guidelines, you can get your carpets steam cleaned every year for many years to come — and even many of your children's years — without fear that you are somehow ruining your wool carpets. Did you know that the Best Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO 80304 is a certified MASTER Textile Cleaner?  If you hire a professional cleaner with the proper level of knowledge and skill, you are actually greatly extending the life and improving the appearance of your high end wool carpet. It’s perfectly safe and highly recommended that you get your wool carpets regularly steam cleaned.