Best Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO 80304, How to Select a Professional Carpet Cleaner


How to Select a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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It’s amazing how hard it can be to choose the right carpet cleaning professional. I had to learn just like you, but I get experience every day. Here are some pointers learned from trial and error.

TIP ONE:  Choosing a company solely by price doesn’t work. The truth is, when we invest wisely, we get what we pay for. Call the cheapest company you can find, and I’ll wager you get a big sales pitch with a little bit of cleaning.

It only makes sense that the cheapest company has to cut costs by using cheap cleaning chemicals, cheap cleaning machines, and cheap personnel spending as little time as possible cleaning your carpet.  Is that really going to remove all the contaminants, oils, dirt and sand from your carpet? If not, then the lowest price company really isn’t a bargain at all. Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO, 80304.

TIP TWO:  Which method is better? There are really only 2 methods professionals use anymore for cleaning carpet.  One is hot water extraction, or “steam” cleaning.  The other method is “dry” cleaning.

A. Truck mounted steam cleaning means that a large, powerful cleaning machine stays in the van while we run vacuum hoses and high pressure water lines from it to your carpet.

Hot water extraction is recommended on a regular basis in your carpet warranty by your carpet manufacturer (They like it because it’s proven to prolong carpet life). It is the only system that thoroughly cleans down to the base of your carpeting.  Deep down soils, germs, bacteria and clinging dust mite feces don’t stand a chance against the 230 degree, neutralizing water we inject into the carpet.  The high heat and enormous vacuum suction along with our quality cleaning products, leave your carpet fluffy clean, soft and dry.  This method also drastically improves the health of your home!  See how clean our system will get your carpet at the Best Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO  80304.

B. The dry cleaner’s “carbonated” system is a less effective, low impact process designed primarily for fast drying times. They developed this process as an alternative to their original bonnet-buffing method (Which was much like rubbing the dirt around with a towel!). In theory, the bubbles are supposed to “explode” the soil off of the carpet fibers. Water cleaning temperatures are comparatively low as is their faint vacuum pressure. Deep down soiling and spills left by pets and kids, not to mention germs, bacteria  and stubborn dust mite feces will still be lurking in your carpet after “dry” cleaning- affecting you and your family’s health. Dry cleaning only minimally improves indoor air quality.

TIP THREE: Cleaning the carpet yourself is a waste of money and time. Sure, you can rent or buy a little machine, but how much of those contaminants do you think it’ll really get out? Can it pull sand from deep within the carpet and clean off the oil and water soluble soils?

If a little electric machine cleaned one tenth as good as a truck mounted machine equipped with a 45 HP Motor (on avg.), why would a professionaI spend $15,000 to  $35,000 for a steam extraction machine?  They might as well use the cheaper electric machine and save money! But the cleaning results are not even close- which is why a professional cleaner will never bring a "Rug Medic" type carpet cleaning machine into your home.  And you would never hire him if he did!

Furthermore, when you consider the value of your time, you stand to lose more money than you could have allegedly saved, not to mention if you have to call in sick at work because you are sore from fighting with a carpet at home that is still wet long after you get better!