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Why Polyester Carpet is a Bad Choice For Your Home

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Although polyester has some excellent qualities, and is possibly a great fiber for clothing, it does have some limiting factors when used in carpet. Polyester is usually manufactured from recycled pop bottles. It is not resistant to oily stains, and in fact an oily spill or spot left without proper cleanup can oxidize and even chemically bond with and become part of the fiber. As a professional, I have to tell you that you need to know that some of these spots just won’t come out. I have clients with only six-month-old polyester that is an owner’s nightmare. Due to loss of twist and crimp, long strait fibers are often left in the traffic areas, which causes matting and tangling and a destroyed original look of the carpet. I can hit polyester carpet with every product in my arsenal along with my 20 years of carpet cleaning experience, and the traffic lanes will still look dingy. Be aware: This is a characteristic of polyester, NOT a defect.  For a great carpet inspection and superior cleaning, give me a call at the Best Carpet Cleaner in Louisville, CO 80027.

Don't be fooled by the softness of this fiber in the carpet retail store. This is a very soft synthetic fiber that holds its color well.  However it is difficult to keep clean and has very poor resiliency. Traffic areas will usually mat down quickly and soon afterwards will NEVER return to its original appearance. When new, polyester looks great and feels so soft and wonderful, but it won’t be too long before it doesn’t. Sales people often recommend this type of carpet to consumers without sufficient fiber knowledge or experience. Remember that sales people are only around NEW carpet.  They may have the best intentions, but they have never seen what their product looks like after it has seen normal wear and tear in a real family’s home! If they actually saw what it looked like in their customer’s homes after even just one year, they might have some guilt issues. Polyester carpet is a horrible product.

Because polyester is so inexpensive to manufacture and higher profits using this fiber, carpet manufacturers continually try to enhance carpets made with polyester hoping that they can create a carpet that wears well. So far they have had limited success. Because prices are lower for polyester carpets you may be tempted to buy a carpet made from polyester, just be sure that your expectations are not very high.  Maybe the life of your current carpet can still be rescued.  Clean instead of replace- especailly instead of with polyester!  Check out my company at the Best Carpet Cleaner in Louisville, CO 80027.

Generally, I do not recommend buying carpets made from polyester fibers to those who need a carpet that wears well and resists matting and crushing.