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How to Clean Wool Wall to Wall Carpeting (part one).

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So you have wall-to-wall wool carpet in your home? Congratulations on your choice of flooring. You have the world’s most durable, tried-and-true carpet fiber known to man.

In the form of rugs, wool carpet has literally been around for thousands of years and is known to last for hundreds of years with proper care. The oldest known surviving rug is the Pazyryk Carpet, which is dated to the 4th or 5th century B.C.  It’s only in the last couple hundred years that carpet was installed and stretched wall to wall rather than spread loose on the floor as rugs.  Obviously, if you have a quality wool carpet in your home, you want to take good care of it.

This article is primarily concerned with cleaning wall-to-wall wool carpets, not area rugs or Oriental rugs. These are very different and need to be cleaned differently. Always take your wool area rugs to a plant where they can be properly washed and dried in a controlled environment. Cleancare of Boulder will wash your valuable rugs with expert care in our washing plant with FREE pickup and delivery!  Do this every two years and your rugs will last for generations!  Do not attempt to clean fine rugs in the same way that you clean wall-to-wall carpet.

As wall-to-wall carpeting became more popular — and in the first half of the 20th century — wool fibers completely dominated the industry. There was simply nothing that compared with the quality. Sometime after the ’50s, however, nylon was invented and soon took the dominant position in the market, largely because it was much more economical than wool.  We are Certified Masters (IICRC) in cleaning all carpet fibers at the Best Carpet Cleaner in Superior, CO 80027.

But, wool is still available today and is much prized for its environmental perks, it ability to bounce back, ability to hide soil, its naturally fire-retardant qualities and many other advantages. The drawback is that a quality wool carpet typically costs 4 to10 times as much as the cheaper fibers like nylon and olefin.

Can you get your expensive wool wall-to-wall carpet professionally cleaned? 

Absolutely, and you certainly should. Click on the Best Carpet Cleaners in Superior, CO 80027 for proper care of your valuable wool carpeting.  You made a huge investment over and above what most homeowners are willing to pay for carpeting.  You bought the best and it should perform better and last longer than any other carpet you could have purchased.  Regular professional cleaning will ensure that this happens.  (Continued in part 2)