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Is pet urine making you sick?

Raise your hand out there if you enjoy the smell of your pet’s urine stains?  Anybody, anybody…  Well, I guess that would be no one!

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Pet urine stains stink– bad!  When the odor hits you, you wince with disgust, get headaches, have allergic reactions, or even contemplate committing pet murder!

Most people try to clean it out of their carpet with little success.  Your vet will sell you an enzyme product that doe fine on the urine it contacts.  Miracle cleaners are advertised on TV that promise to take care of that overpowering stench.  You see pet stain treatment chemicals at every store you frequent.  Everyone wants to help you get rid of your pet odor problem.  Because everyone knows how really bad pet urine odor really is.  And when it rains or is really humid out, oh my gosh– pass the gas mask!

But you’ve tried almost all of the pet urine solutions and nothing really takes care of the problem, right? So why is that?  Why is it so hard to get rid of that horrific smell?

THE reason is this: Urine is flowing out of your pet’s body at a high rate.  He’s not just dropping a little spot. There is a lot MORE urine then what you see (other than when your pet just has a little nervous surface dribble). Carpet is porous. The liquid saturates the carpet fibers and then flows down to the carpet backing. Then it saturates the carpet backing and seeps through to the carpet pad. Sometimes it even reaches the concrete or wood substrate.

So if you are just cleaning the carpet surface, there are possibly 3 other surfaces that have not been cleaned and that is where the odor is coming from.  Those areas must be flushed out properly before you can ever hope to relieve your senses.

A professional carpet cleaner has the ability to do this without having to pull back your carpet and rip out your carpet pad (or cushion, as some like to call it).  Click here if you are interested in getting the best carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO 80302.

The WATER CLAW Sub-Surface Spot Lifter literally flushes contaminants from carpet face fibers, backing and pad. We attach it to the high suction power of our truck mounted steam cleaner.  Amazing results can be achieved on a variety of spotting problems when combined with the professional technician’s knowledge of spotting solutions:

Pet urine: we saturate the area with a urine neutralizer by literally pouring it from a bucket. We try to mimic exactly what your pet does when she is peeing so that it follows the same path as the urine.. We allow a small amount of dwell time, followed by the extraction Claw. Then we saturate the area with urine odor killer in the dame way for your final flush and Clawing. This results in TOTAL removal of the pet urine from carpet backing, carpet pad and even the surface of the floor beneath them!  Yeah for you!  Your odor headache (literally!) is gone.

At the Best carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO 80302, we can use this same per urine removing Water Claw tool for other spills, too:

Soda pop: We saturate with hot water then we apply the CLAW.

Oils: We saturate with a dilution of degreasing cleaner, WATER CLAW. Then we saturate with a rinsing agent to remove cleaner residue and WATER CLAW the area again.

Soap residue: We saturate crpet with a mixture of cold water and defoamer, then WATER CLAW it.

Diagram below shows the WATER CLAW Spot Lifter. :