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Great Tips on Cleaning Windows.  With contributions from TLC.

Windows look best if they are cleaned on a regular basis, at least twice a year on the inside and outside. Here are some useful techniques for cleaning windows:

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·          Wash one side of a window with horizontal strokes and the other side with vertical strokes so you can pinpoint which side of the window has a streak (Obviously, higher windows will need a ladder or a complicated swivel pole for cleaning horizontally.  However, if it is higher than what any person can look through, streaks may not be visible anyway.

·          Use a squeegee on a long handle or a sponge/squeegee combination to prevent streaks on large windows. For more cleaning information, go to the Best Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO 80304.

·          Eliminate tiny scratches on glass by polishing the affected areas with toothpaste.  It also freshens its breath!

·          Washing windows should be done on a cloudy day, because direct sunlight dries cleaning solutions before you can polish the glass properly.  Not to mention, the sun will always be at just the right angle to blind you when washing a particular window.

·          Use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to clean corners. Corners are the most neglected part of window cleaning.  Hey– it’s hard to get at them– I know!

·          To give an extra shine to window glass, polish it with well-washed cotton T-shirts or old cloth diapers. Or rub a clean blackboard eraser over a freshly washed and dried window to give it a diamond-bright shine.  And don’t be tempted to write, “I Hate Washing Windows!”  100 times.  Well, you don’t want to miss recess, do you?

·          Here’s  an old trick my Mom taught me when I was known as Kenny as a child: Polish windows to a sparkling shine with crumpled newspaper. The paper also leaves a film that's resistant to dirt.

·          Wash windows from the top down to prevent drips.  Note: This will NOT prevent the Drips who come around asking to borrow money or want you to do their laundry– You’re stuck with them!

·          Remember that window cleaners pose a threat to woodwork. Don't let them drip on the windowsill where they can harm the paint or varnish.

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Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe

Aren’t homemade recipes more fun?  Home recipes work just as well as commercial products for washing windows, and you'll save money. Try this recipe for a homemade glass cleaner:

·          Use 2 tablespoons ammonia, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, and 1/4 teaspoon dishwashing detergent.

·          Add all ingredients to a small spray bottle, then fill the bottle with water and shake well. You can substitute 3 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice for the ammonia.

·          Use as you would any commercial window cleaner, like the blue one that sort of sounds like “Spandex.”