Best Carpet Cleaning in Superior, CO 80027, How to Clean Rust From Carpet.


Best Carpet Cleaning in Superior, CO 80027, How to Clean Rust From Carpet.

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First, you'll need to identify the source of the rust. If a piece of furniture or toy has left behind a stain, you need to remove the offending piece immediately or risk further damage to your rug. If the damage is coming from a window or other element of the home, some repair work may be necessary. Once the source is extricated, take a butter knife or other scraping tool and gently scrape off whatever surface rust you can. Be gentle because you don't want to cause any additional wear to the fibers of your carpet. After you scrape away all you can, you'll need to contend with what's left behind. This can be done using any number of methods.

A mild detergent, such as dish detergent, (one containing no alkalis) is a good stain remover and is gentle on your carpet. Gently blot into the stain using a sponge or cloth. Don't frantically rub at the stain as this will only cause the stain to spread and may weaken the fibers to boot. Rinse the sponge and blot with cool clean water.

Here are some inexpensive home remedies that also work for removing rust:

- Lemon juice mixed with a little salt will clean, freshen and brighten. Spray directly onto the carpet and let sit for a few hours. Afterwards, blot with a cool damp cloth.

- Make a paste of cream of tarter and water. Apply directly to the stain and let sit. Clean off with a damp sponge.

- Pour vinegar directly onto the carpet and let sit. After a couple of hours wipe with a damp cloth.

If none of these removal methods work, you have a couple of other options. The first is to go to your hardware store or supermarket and scan the shelves for appropriate rust removal agents. Before purchasing, be sure the product isn't going to ruin your particular type of carpet. No matter what the label tells you, test some of the product first on a hidden area of your carpet. (Behind a wall unit, a closet floor or under furniture is probably your best bet.) Follow the instructions accordingly.

If the rust stain persists, call us here at Cleancare of Boulder.  Ph.:303-530-0646. We have successfully removed 98% of our client's stubborn rust stains that we've attempted to get out.

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