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World’s Greatest Carpet Stain Remover.  By Ken Strid , Cleancare of Boulder

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There has never been a greater spot remover for carpet than Avenge.  Nothing else even comes close.  I’ve used many, many other products, but this is the one that I choose to wear on my carpet cleaning tool belt every day in my business.

Often you’ll see some miracle spot cleaner advertised that takes out everything under the sun.  And it may in fact do so.  However, those all purpose cleaners that take every spot out of carpet and can also degrease your engine block are way too harsh on carpet fibers. Use these regularly and your carpet will eventually rot out and fall apart.  What do I mean by “harsh?”  Always look at the pH of a cleaning product before you apply it to textiles.  Fifth generation nylon is the most common fiber found in residential carpeting.  Carpet mills apply protector to those nylon fibers before you purchase it for your home.  Any chemical with a higher pH than 9 is going to destroy that protector layer and also potentially damage the fiber itself.  Now that’s harsh!

Avenge Spot and Stain Remover has a neutral pH (a pH of 7) and yet will remove over 85% of stains from carpet and upholstery safely and effectively!  Avenge has a unique synergistic action that works extremely well on most water-based stains, as well as many combination oil and water-based stains.

Use Avenge to remove these "impossible" stains: blood, pet stains, urine, catsup, chocolate, coffee, tea, food, liquor, most shoe polish, cosmetics, crayon, washable ink, grime, iodine, mildew, oil, latex, paint and many more!!!  It’s unbelievable stuff.  Watch it work in this video.

How can YOU get Avenge?:  It is not available in stores.  You won’t find it over the counter anywhere. It is ONLY available to professional carpet cleaners.  HOWEVER, Cleancare of Boulder leaves a FREE bottle of incredible Avenge Spot and Stain Remover with you after we clean in your home. And not only that, we’ll give you FREE refills for life as long as you remain a regular client!  Just set up a cleaning appointment with Cleancare of Boulder and you’ll never be without Avenge– the world’s greatest spot and stain remover.  Call us at 303-530-0646.  Find out more at


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