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How to Clean Stair Carpet

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Many housekeepers choose to put carpeting on their stairs because it not only looks good and adds a certain coy atmosphere to the house, but it is also quite safe for small children and older people. The thing about stair carpeting us that it’s quite difficult to clean it. In this article we’ll discuss some helpful tricks and techniques about cleaning stair carpeting.


Professional cleaner advise that you stay away from harsh bleaching products because you can easily damage the carpet fabrics and you’ll have a lot of worries repairing it afterwards.  Of course the best way to have a clean carpet is not to let it get dirty in a first place. That’s why expert advise that you encourage all of your guests to take off their shoes when entering your home (or to wipe them thoroughly while they’re still at the door).  See video for another great stair alternative.


To start the cleaning process you’ll need to have a stiff broom for removing the large pieces of dirt and debris. It is best to start from the top of course, so the small particles can be gathered at the lowest step of the staircase.


You can follow the brooming process with a quick vacuuming of the stairs. Vacuum cleaners deal quite well with dust build ups, especially if it’s one of the new models. Again start from the top of the stairs and go down step by step. Use the hose attachment or another that is suited for the corners of the stair (as you know dust tends to gather mostly in the corners).


Now it’s time for the stain removal techniques and recipes. You can either buy a commercial carpet shampoo or you can make one yourself. The recipe for it is quite easy actually. Take a large spray bottle or a bucket and mix in it the following ingredients: hot water, baking soda, liquid soap (it’s best that it’s white or colorless) , white distilled vinegar and an essential oil of your choice.

Start cleaning the carpet from the top of the stairs and be sure to apply generously. If it’s needed work the shampoo into the carpet with a scrub brush. It’s quite important to dry the carpeting afterwards. You can choose from one of these methods

1. Take a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and remove all the excess water.

2. Take a thick paper towel or another highly absorbent towel and dry the stair with it.

3. Let them air dry for at least 12 hours.


To be absolutely sure that everything is perfectly clean you can vacuum the stairs again from top to bottom.

Of course the fastest way of doing this chore is to hire a company like Cleancare of Boulder that can thoroughly clean your  dust and dirt on your carpeting.


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