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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Since, beautiful carpets have the tendency to be really costly, they can be considered an investment and like all investments you need to look after them. However, there are some mistakes that we make when it comes to carpet maintenance and here are the three most grave of them (also, see this video for a great example of how you should NOT spot clean carpet):

The gravest one is vigorously rubbing a stain when it appears. Rubbing is the most normal reaction to a stain, but this only results to fibers being torn or faded. On the contrary, when a stain happens you should quickly wet a cloth and placed over the spot till the wet cloth has completely absorbed the dirt. Water can be substituted for vinegar, depending on the type of stain.

The second mistake made by most of us is that, we expect the stains to immediately disappear when we start cleaning. The bad thing is that, it can sometimes seem like the stain has disappeared but it reappears later on because it was not well cleaned the first time around. Consequently, it is better to clean the carpet properly so as to avoid cleaning it a second time, as this could cause extensive damage to the carpet. Should the solutions I earlier gave not work for you, then it is better to purchase specific carpet cleaning solvents. However, do make sure to ask for advice from the retailer or manufacture so as to avoid using products that might damage your carpet instead.

Finally, avoid thinking that cleaning your carpet once a while is enough. Even if you don’t see it, remember that dust can build up and penetrate into your carpet’s fibers. So, it is recommended for you to vacuum your carpet regularly and have it deep-cleaned by professionals at least twice a year. Their experience permits them to know the type of treatment and cleaning agents best suited for your carpet. 

However, we all know that  prevention is better than cure, so it is better to maintain our carpets everyday than to try to remove all the dirt it has accumulated in one go. You should educate family members as well as train pets on how to behave when in a carpeted room. You can even make your house or living room a shoes-off area. Another piece of advice is to buy door mats and runners, if you don’t already have them. Place strategically at your door, around chairs and sofas and why not outside the building. But do remember to these mats will become ineffective once they have accumulated much dirt.


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