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Does Scotchgard Really Work?

By Ken Strid.  To see more articles for your home, see Cleancare Articles.

What Will Scotchgard Do For YOU?

Scotchgard will provide you with the highest level of carpet protection available today. It will keep your carpet looking showroom fresh. Carpets protected with Scotchgard will provide you with peace of mind because you know that your carpets are protected from everyday spots and spills and that the carpets are safe for your children and grandchildren to play on.

·          Protect against children’s accidents

·          No more unsightly spots/ spills that won’t clean up.

·          Traffic lanes can stay looking like other carpet

·          No more panic about guests tracking in soil or  spilling their drink

·          Your carpet investment will look great until you are ready for a change, rather than replacing it prematurely because of soiling, wear and stains


How will all this make my life easier?  See this amazing video.

1.        Makes spots and spills clean up easy and painless.

2.        Your carpet will last longer.  It reduces carpet wear and abrasion, especially in high traffic areas.

3.        Makes subsequent vacuuming faster, easier and more efficient.

4.        Allows more time to clean up spots and spills.  This reduces the likelihood of permanent stains.

5.        Leaves your carpet clean, bright and fresh.

6.        Protects against almost anything you can eat, drink or track in.

7.        ScotchgardTM is safe for your children and pets. It has enhanced environmental, health and safety benefits that pass regulatory reviews of the U.S. EPA and other environmental agencies around the world.

8.        One Year Spot Free Warranty at Cleancare of Boulder.  This includes free spot removal service for any spots / spills you can’t get out with the FREE bottle of Avenge spot remover we will leave with you.


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