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How to Clean Pet Stains Out of Carpet.  By Ken Strid.  For more great cleaning advice, go to Cleancare Articles.


What You'll need:

Bottle of Vinegar

Box of Baking Soda

That’s It!

When your cat or dog pees on the carpet, it has many annoying and unhealthy consequences.  Urine spots are obviously an ugly yellow eyesore.  Urine also just simply stinks.  Really bad!  And, every time it’s humid or raining outside, the urine salts contained in the old stain absorb that moisture and  continue to give the gift of bad smell.  Not only that, but if they are in an environment where they perpetually are allowed to stay in a damp state, those urine stains become a moldy health hazard.  But we still love our pets, right?

So…. Let’s get rid of those stains, okay?  Here’s the simplest stain removal you will ever do. It works on fresh as well as old stains.:

Straight Vinegar:  Pour the vinegar (straight out of the bottle– do not dilute) onto the center of the stain and let it pool past the perimeter of the stain by at least 2-3 inches. This is about the only time I would advise POURING a stain treatment on a stain instead of spraying.  The reason for this is that your animal does not just pee on the carpet surface.  He or she is flooding the carpet down to the carpet backing and beyond that into the carpet pad.  We have to mimic that same flooding to contact ALL of the urine deposit.  If you only treat part of the stain, such as just the surface, you will have more urine material wick back to the surface while it dries.  This is the reason why many stains “come back”  after you clean them.  Also, if urine still exists under the carpet after cleaning, it will still smell.  Really bad!

Baking Soda:  After you have flooded the contamination with Vinegar, Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over the top so as to leave a thin layer above the soaked area.  It’s important that you don’t reverse the order of this, otherwise you will have a bubbly mess.  Remember– Vinegar 1st and then the baking soda.  You will hear a slight crackling sound as it is doing it’s job.  This process will clean the stain and deodorize as well.  You’ll even see the yellow color being absorbed by the baking soda (see above picture).  Let area sit for one to two days and place a plate or other object on the stain so it is not stepped on and baking soda is tracked all over your home. When completely dry, simply scrape up the  baking soda and vacuum.  The stain and odor will be gone and it will be residue free!


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