Best Soft Water Carpet Steam Cleaning in Boulder County.

Why use the best soft water carpet steam cleaning in Boulder County?  What difference does soft water make in cleaning?  The answer to those questions is that soft water will make a huge difference in carpet cleaning when compared to untreated water that has not gone through a water softener.

Hard water contains concentrations of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are both colorless and tasteless in most municipal water supplies. However, hard water hinders the performance of carpet cleaning products so that they are not as effective at cleaning your carpet.  It also leaves a residue  when combined with detergents and leaves your carpet hard and crunchy after it dries.  Earlier generations gave this mineral water the term "hard water" because they found it hard to wash with.

All water we use at Cleancare to clean your textiles and tile floors passes through our on board water softener unit.  This unit treats your household water that we'll take from your outdoor faucet (which is not treated by your home's water softener, if you have one),  by exchanging mineral ions with sodium ions.  This is called a "cation exchange" and reduces the concentration of minerals in your water to insignificant levels.

Cleaning in your home with soft water leaves your carpet soft and fluffy and your upholstery smooth and silky. Companies that clean with hard water without treating it will provide you with crunchy, hard feeling carpet and rough feeling furniture fabrics. Your tile floors will also look cleaner and brighter when we clean as opposed to hard water cleaning that can leave a film on your tiles and even a chalky look to your grout.

Give us a call at Cleancare of Boulder with any questions you have about the best soft water carpet steam cleaning in Boulder County today.  Phone: 303-530-0646.