Best Way To Clean Vinyl Floors in Boulder, CO.

Is there a best way to clean vinyl floors in Boulder, CO? Are you still considering vinyl flooring in your home or office? Today's vinyl floors come in many attractive patterns and colors.  While they have lost some popularity with the recent insurgence of tile and grout floors, no one can argue against the value and practicality of vinyl.  

Vinyl flooring has an initial cost that can be 20% of it's ceramic or stone counterpart.  It is much easier to install and practically anyone can do it with very few and inexpensive tools.  It can also last a decade or longer if properly taken care of. And if they're honest, most people are tired of their flooring after a decade anyway!

The big advantage that vinyl flooring has over tile and grout flooring is that there are no grout lines.  Grout lines swallow up all the dirt and filth from the floor and it is very difficult to get those grout lines clean and KEEP them consistently clean. If vinyl floors are mopped correctly, the floor will look great and last for years.  If tile and grout floors are mopped correctly, the same cannot be said.  Those grout lines will get dirty no matter what you do because they lie below the mops cleaning surface where it cannot reach.

However, if vinyl floors are not cleaned at a consistent rate, they can become stained and retain a dirty film that can be tough to clean off.  That's where professional cleaning comes into the picture.  As shown by this video, by utilizing a steam extraction tool, we can get a dingy looking vinyl floor looking vibrant and new... like the kind you bought! For any questions on the best way to clean vinyl floors in Boulder, CO, call Ph.: 303-530-0646 today!