Best Way to Vacuum Carpet in Louisville, CO 80027

Everyone has pushed around a vacuum cleaner at some point in their lives.  But have you considered how important it is in the longevity of your carpet and to the health of your home?  Carpet is the biggest filter you have in your house.  It filters out all kinds of gunk that you would breathe if all you had was hard surfaces in your home.

So just going through the motions and vacuuming as quick as you can to get done with this tedious chore is unwise.  It seems like such a simple thing to do, right?  A monkey could probably do it.  

Well if a monkey watched this video, the Best Way to Vacuum Carpet in Louisville, CO 80027, he probably would vacuum correctly!  There is a right way to vacuum.

By the way, I highly recommend Oreck Vacuum Cleaners.  I believe they are the absolute best and I use one in my home.  They are very light and yet very heavy duty.

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