Better Rug Cleaning in Arvada, CO.

Many people have homes with wall to wall hardwood floors, at least on the main floor.  But I haven't found too many homeowners who don't place rugs on those hardwoods in their living spaces.  Rugs just provide a warmer atmosphere and feel better on your feet.  But, just like carpet, rugs get soiled and need to be cleaned.  This video shows better rug cleaning in Arvada, CO.  But what if your shiny, expensive wood floors get wet underneath the rugs that are cleaned?  We suggest you allow us to clean them outside on your driveway.  Most days in Colorado allow for this and with all the sunshine we get, they will be dry in no time.  Of course,  if we are in the middle of a cold snap, that would not be a good time.  But even in the middle of Winter, there are many days when this is possible.  And our sunny, hot Summers are the perfect time for outdoor rug cleaning.

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