Better Than Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning in Boulder CO.

This video shows what Zero Residue type cleaning cannot do.  That big national chain company you hear advertised claims that they are the only company that does not leave residue in your carpet after cleaning.  NOT TRUE.  What they neglect to tell you is that their "Specially Treated" water leaves your carpet in a very high pH state after cleaning.  This goes against the recommendations of your carpet manufacturer.  Leaving your carpet at a high pH could shorten it's life and may cause it to rot out.  Cleancare uses conditioned, soft water to thoroughly rinse out your carpet after we loosen the soil with our advanced, naturally derived cleaning products.  You get soft, luxurious carpet that will last longer and stay clean longer than Zero Rez cleaning.  And we'll leave it in the proper pH nuetral state that your carpet manufacturer recommends as well as what the nationally recognized Carpet Cleaning Standard requires.