Blackhawk's Better Casino Carpet Cleaning

This video shows Blackhawk's better casino carpet cleaning.  We're better through the experience of cleaning casino carpets for 20 years.  And experience is necessary because casinos are different from other commercial carpet cleaning properties.  

Most commercial carpeted situations have low grade olefin or nylon carpeting that quickly wears out if not cleaned regularly.  But very strong cleaning agents may be used on them with very little risk of damaging them. Casinos, however, usually always install wool carpeting.  Casinos do this because wool has a much more luxurious appearance and feel underfoot than any other carpet fiber.  Wool carpeting's colors are rich and vibrant and often has intricate patterns.  Wool also is much more durable than it's nylon or olefin counterparts and will last much longer.  That's important because of all the thousands of feet that walk on a casino carpet's surface every day.  

Knowing how to clean wool and using the proper cleaning agents specifically for wool is very important. Those harsh traffic lane cleaners that are appropriate for nylon and especially for olefin, cannot and should not be used for wool.  Extreme high pH cleaning agents can damage wool fibers and rot them out.  This simply means that there will be color loss and that the fibers will lose their integrity and eventually turn into fuzz that gets eaten by vacuum cleaners.

Also, commercial carpet cleaning jobs usually take place after a building or place of business is closed.  This is not true in the 24 hour casinos in Blackhawk.  But our polite technicians know how to kindly work around your customers and even your slot machine drop personnel.  We maintain that we are just there to clean your carpet, not get in the way of your doing business.  That message must get across since our friendly service has kept us in business cleaning casinos in Blackhawk for 20 years!

If you'd like more information about Blackhawk's better casino carpet cleaning, call Cleancare of Boulder at Ph.: 303-530-0646 today!