Boulder Area Rug Cleaning

This video shows Boulder area rug cleaning.  Here we are cleaning a synthetic fiber area rug in our client's home. We also provide off-site fine, woven, wool rug washing.  However, if your area rug is composed of synthetic fibers such as nylon or olefin, off-site washing is unnecessary. We can steam clean those in the same way that we steam clean wall-to-wall carpet.  Just be careful of rug cleaning on hardwood floors and on top of carpet.  If having us clean an area rug that lays on a hardwood surface, have an underlayment (or tarp) underneath or have us clean it on tile or possibly outside, so as not to damage the wood.  And never leave a wet area rug on top of wet wall-to-wall carpet. The drying issues that causes there are obvious!

If you have questions about Boulder area rug cleaning, call 303-530-0646 today!