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How to Take Care of Your Oriental Rug

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Many proud owners of oriental rugs wonder how to clean their prized heirlooms.  There is so much advice available on the Internet, from novices' tips to carpet cleaning professionals' suggestions. No wonder there is so much confusion!

If you are wondering how to easily clean your oriental rug, look no further. Here, we will break down oriental rug care into three sections: how to prevent the oriental rug from becoming dirty, how to tell if your rug actually needs cleaned, and how to clean your rug safely. Here we go!

Prevent Your Oriental Rug From Getting Dirty

You need to make sure your oriental rug stays as clean as possible, in order to minimize the amount of times you need to clean it. To prevent your oriental rug from getting dirty in the first place, you should do a few things. First of all, make sure your family never walks on the rug with their shoes on. Even if the bottoms of your shoes seem clean, they still may have bits of dirt stuck to them.

Second of all, don't allow food or drink to be carried over the oriental rug. You know the saying... an ounce of prevention. Thirdly, don't allow high, pointy heeled shoes on your rug... EVER. This will damage the rug fibers permanently.

Does Your Oriental Rug REALLY Need Cleaned?

If you are unsure whether or not your oriental rug needs cleaned, you can test it yourself to see. Simply lift the corner of the rug and kick the back of it with your foot. If you see any dust or debris flying out of the fibers, your rug probably needs cleaned. Also, if you rub your hand across the oriental rug and it looks dirty afterward, your rug will benefit from a good cleaning. Here's how to clean your oriental rug...

Cleaning An Oriental Rug

Step 1. Vacuum the rug thoroughly.

You will need to vacuum your oriental rug on both the front and back sides.

Step 2. Gather your cleaning supplies.

To clean an oriental rug, you will need a sponge, mild liquid soap, water and a mop bucket. In your bucket, mix a solution of soapy water. Test your rug for any color bleeding in a small, inconspicuous area. If you see any bleeding, don't continue cleaning your rug or you will risk ruining it.

Step 3. Clean your oriental rug.

Lay your oriental rug on a flat surface that is safe to get wet. Dip your sponge into the soapy water and begin cleaning the rug, using directional strokes that follow the direction of the nap. Be gentle on your rug, and don't be afraid to use too much water.

Step 4. Rinse your rug.

Rinse your oriental rug under running water. If you are cleaning it outside, you can use a hose to rinse out the rug. Squeeze the water out after the rug has been completely rinsed.

Step 5. Dry your rug.  See how we dry Oriental rugs in this video.  And for expert Oriental rug washing, look here first.

Make sure your oriental rug is completely dry before you lay it back down on your floor. Feel the nap of the rug to make sure no moisture remains.


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