Boulder, CO 80301 How to Clean Your Car's Carpet.

How to Clean Your Car’s Carpet.

By Ken Strid, Cleancare of Boulder.  See more great cleaning articles here.

1.        Remove floor mats and vacuum the carpet (mats should be vacuumed and cleaned the same way). Your goal here is to pick up as much dry dirt as possible.

2.        With a stiff nylon brush, scrub the carpet before adding any cleaning solution.  You’ll dislodge a lot of soil just from dry scrubbing it.  Vacuum carpet again.

3.        Pre-treat the stains. Different products work better for different types of stains. Spray hair spray on any ink stains then blot up with a towel. For coffee stains, clear (not blue) glass cleaner can be sprayed then blotted up. The ammonia in the glass cleaner will help remove many coffee and tea stains. Keep in mind, however, that added cream and sugar won’t be cleaned with ammonia (DO NOT clean your car's carpet like this video shows!  This will ruin your carpet.).

4.        Clean the whole carpet. Mix a spray bottle that consists of 1/4 cup of vinegar, 1 tsp. of dish detergent, and top the container off with hot water. Spray the entire carpet and then work the solution in with your hard bristled brush. Do this in a circular motion and work from one side of the car carpet to the other.

5.        Allow the solution to penetrate the carpet for thirty minutes.

6.         Blot the entire carpet with dry towels and then use wet / dry vac to extract cleaning solution.

7.         Fill spray bottle with clear, softened water and spray down all areas treated with cleaning solution.

8.         Blot entire area with dry towels and vacuum again to rinse out soil attracting cleaning residue. Re- blot areas unreachable with vac hose attachment.

If the weather permits it, leave the windows of your car open until the carpet is completely dry. This should take approximately twelve to twenty-four hours. Repeat this entire process at least once every six months.

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