Boulder, CO 80301, Tips On Fridge Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning


Tips for Maintaining a Clean Refrigerator.

When was the last time YOU cleaned the biggest storage area in your home for the perishable foods you put into your and your family’s mouths?

When I’m tile and grout cleaning in Boulder, CO I’m always wondering what’s going on inside that fridge I’m cleaning next to. 

Turn control dial to "0"

 in both freezer and fridge. Do not unplug (unless you are defrosting) since you need the light to see by.

Ditch old food  and store good food in a cooler or on a side counter.

An overcrowded fridge cuts down on the flow of air, making your fridge work harder—and raising your electric bill.

Place shelves in sink,  scrubbing with soap and water. Then wipe clean.

Clean the inside of fridge  using mild soap and water and wipe down with a cloth or paper towel.

Remove vegetable and meat compartments:   clean up all spilled juices and thoroughly rinse.

Clean corners and rubber gasket with a toothpick.

Clean door racks and reinstall.

Clean outside of bottles and jars  and replace saved food in Ziploc® Brand Containers and Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags.

Wipe the top of the fridge  with a feather duster.

Clean the exterior  door and sides.

Clean hinges and nameplate  with a toothbrush.

Move fridge out from wall,  vacuum and brush up dust, lint and pet hair on floor and around coils (check your manual for instructions).

Cleaning the coils underneath your fridge will help make it run more efficiently and last longer.

Sanitize your drip pan with Antibacterial fantastik® All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Power®. The drip pan at the base of your fridge is designed to catch spills, so it can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Put fridge back into place – and keep it clean! 

And the next time I’m tile and grout cleaning in Boulder, CO in your kitchen– I’ll be really impressed!

 P.S.:  Weekly cleanings help reduce spoiled food odors.

And… more tips: 

-A box of baking soda left open on a shelf absorbs odor.

-Some cleaning experts suggest placing a coffee can filled with charcoal in your fridge and replacing it every six weeks to two months.