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Is Carpet Bad for Your Health?

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How does carpet improve indoor air quality?

Carpet is an asset for allergy sufferers as it traps the dust and allergens.  It’s the biggest and most effective air filter in your home and will improve an allergy sufferer’s health as long as it is properly maintained.  Conversely, a hard surface where dust just lays on top of the surface to be constantly kicked around back into our breathing zone, is a perpetual breathing hazard. Blaming carpet for allergy problems is a recent and misguided notion enhanced by manufacturers of more expensive flooring options as well as by green fanatics. But wood floors do nothing to improve health and more and more trees are lost to increasingly popular wood flooring every day!  How is that a green alternative, again?

What does “properly maintained” mean? 

People who have allergies should vacuum their carpet at least twice a week and have their carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Shaw Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet, recommends hot water or “steam” extraction in their carpet warranties. Boulder, CO 80304 Carpet Cleaning uses the system recommended by Shaw Industries to clean your carpet.

We recommend using a vacuum with good dust containment and performance properties such as those in the Carpet and Rug Institute Approval / Green Label Vacuum Program.

Where can I find allergy free carpet?

There is no known allergy-free floor covering. The Carpet & Rug Institute has the IAQ program testing for chemical emissions. Look on the back of the samples for the CRI label ensuring that the carpet meets our standards for chemical emissions. For Dust and Pollen, carpet should be vacuumed at least twice a week and professionally cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

I’m allergic to latex, is there any carpet made without latex?

People that are allergic to latex are allergic to the protein enzymes in natural latex. Latex that is used on today’s carpet is a synthetic latex that doesn’t have these protein enzymes.  Clean, regularly maintained carpet improves an allergy sufferer’s health.  At Cleancare of Boulder, we’ll also apply an Ant-allergen treatment for you that denatures allergens so that your body no longer recognizes or reacts to allergens.  Click on Boulder, CO 80304 Carpet Cleaning for more information.