Boulder, CO Carpet Cleaner, 80302, Ten Reasons to Spring Clean


Ten Resons to Spring Clean  contributions from Merry Mops

As much as I am a proponent for spring fever versus spring cleaning, I realize that taking the time to organize during some part of the year is extremely important.

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1.  Your closet is packed and you can’t find a thing to wear.

Are you hoarding clothes that you’ll probably never wear again, but you keep telling yourself things like, “I could wear that to work.”  Seriously…let it go.

2. You can’t close the guest closet door.

Once you start throwing stuff into the guest room closet– you won’t be able to stop.  Have you graduated from junk drawer to junk closet? Whoa… We are only on reason number two and we already  have some projects.

3. Cobwebs connect glassware on display shelves.

Okay, it’s true that you never (hardly ever) use that glassware and fine china.  But does it have to look like it?  And how does your carpet look?  Check us out at Boulder, CO Carpet Cleaner, 80302.

4. What’s inside boxes is a total mystery.

Have you organized yourself into boxes of boxes?  Do you have boxes of organizational boxes just waiting to be utilized in your garage or basement? Or how about random mystery boxes?

5. Your garage was designed for two or three cars but only one (or none) fits.

In our house, when the junk room gets cleaned out it is “processed” to the third car garage for the ever-elusive yard sale we are going to have…one of these days…

6. Your book or DVD collection is bursting.

If it was a bad book or movie, why do we put in on our shelves?  Do you reread or rewatch something that you didn’t like the first time?  NO!  Yet there they are, hogging valuable space.  And do you actually still hold on to VHS videos?  Why?  Oops, so do I!  I don’t know why. 

7. The guest bed is buried beneath piles of who knows what?

When the house gets out of control, the guest bedroom often becomes the junk room. After you fill the closet, the guest bed is next.  So what do we do when family is arriving in a week?  Throw it down the stairs to the basement or into the garage, right (reason# 5)? 

8. Dusty small appliances engulf the kitchen counter.

If they’re dusty, you probably don’t use them much.  Put them away or wipe them down when cleaning the counter.

9. You consistently move cartons to get to the washer.

How does your laundry room look?  Does the floor resemble a teenager’s bedroom floor– ankle deep in dirty clothes? Are you consistently moving laundry to get to the laundry?  Have us clean your upholstery at Boulder, CO Carpet Cleaner, 80302.

10. You’ve resorted to stacking as an organizational tactic.

It’s true. We don’t have time to organize so we stack. Then, we look at the stacks and feel irritated and overwhelmed.  And nothing gets done!

Spring cleaning is a tradition.  Neglect because of life’s hectic and exhausting schedule over the previous year has made for a home full of clutter.  Spring cleaning is a way to get a fresh start.  Decluttering gives you a sense of calm and control in your life as things are more organized in your home. Spring is the time to jump into it and get it done.  Once finished, you’ll have a smile on your