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How You Can Take Care of Your Oriental Rug

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·          Vacuuming with a non-power nozzle vacuum wand or upright with brush roller turned off is most important. How often? 

·          Weekly vacuuming in high use areas like entrance halls and the kitchen and monthly vacuuming in low use areas – bedrooms and formal areas.

·          Power nozzle and/or power uprights were designed for wall to wall.  They wear out orientals (many manufacturers recommend not using them on oriental rugs when used on the pile side  (the face) of an oriental, or machine-made (Belgium, Karastan, etc.) wool carpets.

·          Beating your carpet is equally as important as vacuuming.  Boulder oriental rug washing. Dirt gets trapped in the pile and knots of your carpet. Vacuums (including power nozzle vacuums) do not get all of this deep dirt.

Remember the old rug beaters grandma used?  There is an easier way that uses that same power nozzle (Just use it on the pile side of the rug).

How to properly beat a rug:

Determine first if your rug needs to be beaten. At least once a year, take hold of a corner, or other dirty looking part of your rug, and fold it over a piece of newspaper. Tap it vigorously from the back.  Do this in various parts of the rug. Any grit on the paper? If so it needs a beating.

Take your carpet outside  and lay it on a clean, dry surface (a deck, drive way, garage floor) and flip in over so that the back of the rug is up.  Take that power nozzle vacuum and vacuum the back. If you hold it at just the correct angle you will feel a vibration.  You are beating the carpet.  You may be amazed at the amount of dirt you see under the carpet. Remove the dirt, vacuum the face of the rug, and repeat this process until there is no more dirt.  This is the  best thing you can do for your rug.

How often should I Wash my Oriental Carpet?

To preserve your rug it needs to be properly beaten and washed on a regular basis.  It is dirt trapped in the pile of your oriental that wears it out. Washing an Oriental rug preserves its life.

Rugs in high traffic areas need to be beaten and washed (try Boulder Oriental rug washing)almost every year. If it is in a bedroom or an infrequently used parlor, then perhaps every 15 years.

One advantage of light colored carpets is they tell you when. Darker colored rugs subtly get dirty and you don’t notice it as much. Don’t put off getting either cleaned, if you want them to last.