Boulder Professional Carpet Cleaner Loves Cleaning Your Dog's Stains!

This video shows how incredible a dog can be. This dog shows unconditional love whether it is returned or not. And this D.S. child can feel it!  I LOVE dogs!  And that is why this Boulder professional carpet cleaner loves cleaning your dog's stains. As a life long dog owner, I cannot even consider not sharing my life with a dog. They are a joy, a support, a companion, and a member of the family.  And sometimes they are not perfect.  Sometimes they get nervous or lonely, sometimes they get old and incontinent, and sometimes they are just stubborn about going outside to take care of their business.  Pet accidents happen with all pets.  We've seen them all and can certainly help remove them for you!

Whether it is poo, vomit or urine, please call us to take care of those accidents your dog may have.  We have powerful cleaning products that are only accessible to professionals.  We have equipment that can take urine out of your underlying carpet pad and a 250 degree high heat system that will clean deeply and help sanitize all areas. And then, of course is the issue of pet odor.  There may not be anything worse than that sweet, pungent smell of urine.  Yes, poo stinks, but once it is gone, so is the odor.  At Cleancare, we know that urine needs a lot more attention as it has penetrated porous surfaces and must be specifically treated with the correct odor agents.  

If  you have any questions about how a Boulder professional carpet cleaner loves cleaning your dog's stains, give us a call at 303-530-0646.