Boulder's Best Carpet Cleaner Shares New Cleaning and Storage Ideas

In this video, Boulder's best carpet cleaner shares new cleaning and storage ideas.  Here's some of the items you'll see:

- A smart, foot tap trash can. Actually responds to the number of times you tap the foot lever.

- Sanitizing phone charger. Did you know that your cell phone has 18 X more bacteria on its surface than a public restroom?

- "UrineOff" pet stain remover.  Uses bio-enzymes for help on your carpet pet issues in between your professional cleanings (by Cleancare of course!).

- Essential oil diffuser for your car. Gets rid of that car funk!

- Re-usable, washable plastic storage bags made from silicon.  Save money and help the environment.

- Unique storage containers. Old idea with new upgrades.

- Indoor compost machine.  Wow, hard to believe what this can do inside your home.

- Place and stick washable carpet tiles.  Create your own designs with these colorful carpet squares.

- Humidifier / aroma therapy diffuser / night light. Now this makes for a good night's sleep.

Boulder's best carpet cleaner shares new cleaning and storage ideas with the help of the people at Clean My Space.  If you have any cleaning questions, call us at Cleancare of Boulder: Ph. 303-530-0646 today.