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Four Steps to Cleaning Your House Fast

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1.         Look at the room in layers. Floor, middle, wall. Start by looking at the floor. Take a garbage bag and pick up any trash on the floor. Then pick up anything else that is on the floor. Put it away. Then sweep, vacuum, or mop the floor after everything is off of it.

2.         Now look at around the middle part of the room (stands, tables, counters, couches, or chairs). Take the garbage bag and throw away any clutter or trash. Clear off the tables, stands, or counters. Take a damp cloth and wipe them down. Dry immediately. Then, if you can, put some furniture polish on them and rub it in. Replace all of your stuff and admire your work. For carpet cleaning call a carpet cleaner in Boulder 80304.

3.         Now look at the walls. If you smoke inside your house, then you will need to wipe down your walls every week. Take down any pictures ,and move your furniture away from the wall. Take a mixture of warm water and a light dishwashing liquid, and wipe down your walls. If you can't reach higher up, then take a sponge-mop to your walls. Let it dry, and move your furniture back in place. While your pictures and wall decorations are down, dust them and clean any glass. Hang your stuff back up. Then wash your windows on the inside and outside.

4.         Now that you got the layering cleaning done, it's time to do the dishes, do the laundry, make the bed, dust off your electronics, rearrange your books, DVDs, CDs, or videos, vacuum underneath your cushions on your chair, couch, or loveseat, or anything else that seems out of order. If you already did these in the middle layer, then make sure you didn't miss anything. Clutter LOVES to hide. Lastly, for carpet cleaning call a carpet cleaner in Boulder 80304.


Tip:  Even if you don't smoke, you still need to wipe down your walls about once a month.


·          If you are not careful when you are wiping down your walls, the paint could come off.

·          If you don't dry off your wooden furniture right after you clean it with a damp cloth, bubbles could form.

·          Don’t forget your animals. Will they get stressed by moving your furniture around to clean behind it?  They might do better outside or in a bathroom with some food and water and a litter pan for cats until you are done.


Things You'll Need

·          Window Cleaner

·          Dishwashing Liquid

·          Sponge Mop

·          Mop

·          Broom

·          Wash Cloths

·          Furniture Polish

·          Vacuum Cleaner

·          Garbage Bags

Towels (to dry off your walls) paper or cloth