Carpet Cleaner in Boulder, CO 80301, Furniture Trends in 2013


Furniture Trends for 2013


“Mixing transitional and relaxed looks with one of a kind treasures and repurposed items is all the rage. We are showcasing a more eclectic offering that looks like you have spent years and travelled far to put your rooms together. Sectionals continue to be a hit, and why not when there are so many options to customize the perfect-sized piece for your space and lifestyle. And don’t be afraid of colour!  Brightness adds beauty and life!” – Lori Negrinotti, Buyer and Merchandise Manager, Stoney Creek Furniture, Toronto


1.       Colour, colour, colour. Neutrals are always safe, but this year brights are the rage. Maybe a red side chair? How about an ottoman in emerald green, the colour of the year? What about a lamp with a blue base? You don’t have to reinvent your home to be current!

2.       White is so right! White is wonderfully popular again as a background colour or the finish on furniture. Lots of white leather office chairs out there. How cool is that?!

3.       “Artsy craftsy” is “in” too. Not cheesy, but really beautiful handcrafted items – think folklore. Craftspeople often make one-of-a-kind, breathtaking furniture from local woods. Blend it with your current furniture. African and Mexican pieces also add character to a room with their rugged styling, amazing prints and pops of colour. Carpet cleaner in Boulder, CO 80301.

4.       Beds with Storage. Remember the captain’s bed your big brother had? They’re back and better than ever. And really, who can’t use more storage?!

5.       Pattern is back. Sofas and chairs are alive with colour. Among the most popular choices is floral on a white background.  It’s warm and vibrant. Match a floral sofa with solid coloured accent chairs for an easy, breezy look.

6.       Antiques. What’s “new” about antiques this year is the way we’re pairing them with modern furniture. Instead of a dated look, the combination is fresh and fun.

7.       Smaller scaled furniture. Maybe it’s just the reality that many of us are moving to smaller homes, but smaller scaled furniture is very hot right now. And while it’s small on size, it’s huge on style and functionality.

8.       Accent chairs. Carpet cleaner in Boulder, CO 80301. The great thing about an accent chair is that it doesn’t have to be a huge investment. For a reasonable price you can add a whole lot of oomph to a room. Go a little wild on the pattern – maybe a dramatic black and white graphic.

9.       And on the opposite side – walnut! Rich walnut will always look appropriate. You can never go wrong with a walnut dining room. That’s right, never.

10.        Office furniture and desks. Many people work at home these days and that means they need a functional and stylish desk. The marketplace has answered with myriad choices in every style imaginable.