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Does This Bug You?

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They live with me. They live with you.  They’re in our mattresses, lounging furniture and our carpets.  They eat dead skin cells shed by us and our pets.  While they are disgusting, house dust mites are not harmful. They don’t carry disease, but they can carry allergic reactions in asthmatics and others who are allergic to their dead bodies and feces found in household dust.   Carpet cleaning in Superior, CO 80027.  In fact, about 80% of the material seen floating in a sunbeam are dead skin flakes!  Nearly 100,000 dust mites can live in one sq. yard of carpet.  Bedroom carpeting and household upholstery support high mite populations.  Try carpet cleaning in Superior, CO  80027.  A single mite produces about 20 waste droppings each day, each containing a protein to which many people are allergic.  Yuck!  Reactions range from itchy eyes to asthma attacks.  Dust mites might be a factor in 80% of asthmatics as well as countless cases of eczema, hay fever, and other allergic ailments.  Other allergic reactions may include headaches, fatigue and even depression.

It is a proven fact that properly maintained carpets control airborne particles better than average maintained hard flooring surfaces.  The key is, however, carpets must be maintained regularly for you to enjoy its healthful benefits.  And proper maintenance includes at least an annual professional carpet cleaning. Try carpet cleaning in Superior, CO  80027, Cleancare of Boulder.