Carpet Spotting Guide For Boulder, CO

By Ken Strid, Owner of Cleancare of Boulder.

The key to successful spot removal is getting to it as quick as possible. Keep this page book marked, or make a copy of it so you will be able to refer to it when you need it. Be sure to let your friends and family know about this carpet spotting guide for Boulder, CO so they will be able to use it as well.


Keep the following items on hand, preferably in a tote box so you will be prepared to handle fresh spills on your carpet.

Cleaning Codes:

A = Ammonia solution (dilute 1 tablespoon of non-bleaching, non-sudsing ammonia in 1 cup of lukewarm water).

D = Dry spotter such as Heavy Duty®. Get Heavy Duty at link below, at end of this article.

N = Nature’s Miracle®

O= Oxy Clean®

S =  Wet Spotter such as Avenge®.  Cleancare clients get free bottles of Avenge Spot Cleaner.

       OR neutral dish detergent such as Dawn®- dilute 1 teaspoon to one cup of luke-warm water)

V = White distilled vinegar (dilute 1:1)

VAC = Dry Vac


1) Good supply of white terry cloths;

2)  Spotting brush.

3)  Wet/dry vac is great to have as well.


1) Catch it while the spot or spill is fresh, when chances of removal are 75% better.

2) Use a spoon or dull knife to remove all solid materials.

3) Blot up liquids with a clean, dry, white towel. NEVER rub, scrub or brush the carpet as this can cause excessive wear and permanently damage the carpet fibers.

4) Apply spotter with a sprayer- never dump or pour on. Blot from the outside of the stain in, to avoid spreading.

5) Test any chemical you intend to use in a hidden area to make sure it won't discolor or damage the surface. Use the steps and solutions in the cleaning codes in order given until you no longer see improvement, then proceed to the next code letter if the spot remains.

6) Always use white distilled vinegar as the last step before rinsing if you have used ammonia during the process, even if the spot is already gone. Vinegar (low pH) neutralizes ammonia (high pH) and is a safe product to leave behind. It is not necessary to neutralize vinegar.

7) Rinse the last cleaning solution you've used by spraying with clear water and blotting area with clean, dry white towels until no more foam or suds are visible. A wet / dry vac is also handy at this point to extract excess moisture.

8) Once you have removed all visible stain or as much as will come out, place a dry towel folded in quarters over the area. The larger the area, the larger the towel needed.Then place a heavy color-fast object such as a phone book(s) or a waste basket(s) with a weight inside on top of the towel. Leave overnight. Continue this procedure, replacing the wet towels with dry ones, causing the moisture to wick into the towel until area is nearly dry. Place box fan next to area and dry completely.

Types of Spots and Removal Procedure: Use each cleaning solution in order until stain is gone. 

Alcoholic Beverage: S, V

Blood: A, S, V

Carbon, Graphite, Toner: VAC, D, S

Chewing Gum: D, S

Chocolate: A, S, O, V

Coffee: V, S, O

Cosmetics: D, V

Crayon: D, S, V

Feces: N, O

Furniture Polish: D, S, V, A

Grass: A, S, V, O

Glue (white): S

Gum: D

Grease: D, S

Ice Cream or Milk: S, V

Ink: D, S

Juice: A, V, O

Medicine: A, S, V, O

Mud: VAC, A, S, V

Mustard: A, S, V, O

Nail Polish: D, V

Paint (latex– wet): S

Paint (Latex wet, oil) D

Rust: S

Shoe Polish:  D, S, V, O

Soft Drinks: A, S, V

Urine: V, A, N, O

Vomit: V, A, N

Wax: Paper grocery bag, heat with iron, transfer wax onto paper. Repeat and replace paper..

Wine: V, A, S, O

Remember, spot cleaning takes patience.  Some stains are harder to remove than others.  Mustard is nearly impossible to remove after it has set. Urine can continue to smell if it has gotten underneath the carpet into the pad. Oxyclean will take out juice, wine, feces, urine and blood residual stains if given enough dwelling time. Rust usually requires a professional. Be careful about ink and toner, they can bleed into a bigger stain.

Does this sound scary?  Cleancare of Boulder is just a phone call away for any questions you may have. To find more great cleaning products from our carpet spotting guide for Boulder, CO click here or call 303-530-0646.