Carpet is More Healthy and Green Than Wood or Tile Floors.

Contrary to popularly held beliefs, properly maintained carpeting provides a much greater health benefit than wooden or tiled floors within our homes and indoor environments, and carpeting is significantly greener than either.Many people have been incorrectly informed that carpeting is unhealthy or unsanitary.  All of those reasons for which carpeting is presumed unhealthy, are precisely the same reasons which support the fact that carpeting provides a much healthier benefit than smooth floors such as wood or tile.  The unhealthy microscopic contaminates within our homes includes:  Dead human and animal skin cells, dust mites, dust mite excrement, dead dust mite carcasses, bacteria, mold spores, pollen spores,  dried pet saliva,  viruses, and of course carbon, lint, silica, quartz, clay, and others.  Remember, it is the direct contact with airborne germs and other contaminates within our homes which adversely affects our health.  Germs which have been removed from the air cannot affect us.   A filter which can trap and hold those contaminates would be the ideal solution.  Carpeting is such a “filter”, which traps and holds the germs, thus removing them from the repetitive circle of continuous movement from floor to air and back.    And when that filter gets full, just hire a professional carpet cleaner in Boulder to return it to it's full, healthfull capablities!

Forget the word “carpeting” for a moment and instead, think of carpeting as a floor “filter” which has been installed to “clean” and purify the air by CAPTURING, TRAPPING, and HOLDING the unhealthy microscopic biological contaminates.  The exact same contaminates exist in homes with wooden floors or carpeting.   Without a filtering mechanism to secure the germs, the contaminates landing upon the smooth floors are thereby encouraged to easily become airborne with any slight air disturbance created by practically any movement such as:  merely walking through a room, sweeping a floor, vacuuming, or any other air disturbance which effortlessly lifts the microscopic particles into the air, and they can remain airborne for up to 8 hours or even longer if exposed to additional disturbances.  For an illustrative exercise, imagine hundreds of children running across the SMOOTH tiled floors of a school corridor creating a huge air disturbance and stirring up germs which were previously at rest upon the floor.   Conversely, imagine the same exercise within the same school corridor, however, now it has been covered with a floor filter (carpeting) which TRAPS and HOLDS the germs.  The germs are held steadfast and do NOT become airborne nearly as easily as with smooth flooring.

Overwhelming evidence now clearly indicates that properly maintained carpeting provides a much healthier benefit than wooden or tiled floors within our homes and indoor environments.  There is a negative stigma associated with carpeting which is undeserved.