Clean Your Carpet for Health. What Kills Influenza Virus?

From eMed Expert

Infuenza (flu) is infection of the lungs and airways causing a fever, by Vid-Saver">runny nose, cough, headache, muscle aches and a general feeling of illness.

Every year, in different countries at the world, widespread outbreaks of infuenza occur during the flu season, which typically runs from late-November to March. Influenza occurs in epidemics, in which many people get sick all at once.

A cold and the flu have many of the same symptoms. But a cold is generally mild, while the flu tends to be more severe.



Onset of illnessSlow onset of illnessSudden onset of illnessFeverNo or mild feverHigh feverHeadacheMild or absentPerceptibleMuscle achesMild or AbsentSignificant

What kills influenza virus? Influenza virus is destroyed by heat (167-212°F [75-100°C]). Besides hard surfaces, the virus can reside on furniture fabrics and carpeting.  Professional, truckmounted steam cleaning performs at temperatures between 190 and 275 degrees F.  More than enough to wipe out the virus residing in those areas and create a healthier living environment.

In addition, several chemical germicides, including chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, detergents (soap), iodophors (iodine-based antiseptics), and alcohols are effective against influenza viruses if used in proper concentration for sufficient length of time. For example, wipes or gels with alcohol in them can be used to clean hands. The gels should be rubbed until they are dry.