DIY Spray in Boulder, CO for Eliminating Your Poo Odor.

Everybody does it.  We eat food.  Then we poop food.  C'mon, its just biology.  Yet, most of us have held onto a number two at some point just because the smell would be embarrassing. Say you are at a friend's home and the only toilet offered is the hall powder room right next to the room where everyone has congregated. So you hold it and hold it and then excuse yourself early so that you can leave and go find a fast food place where you can "drop the kids of at the pool" on your way home.  

This video from Clean My Space shows how to make a spray that you'll use before you eliminate to take care of the odor after you eliminate. Call it the Elimination Eliminator! Stop being embarrassed to answer nature's call in a public situation. Just carry this in your purse or pocket and be the last one to leave the party.  

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