Dirty Restaurant Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO

Does your restaurant carpet create a bad first impression on your customers? This video shows dirty restaurant carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO. Restaurant carpet can get filthy very quickly.  Besides having a large amount of foot traffic, food dumped on it and beverages spilled everywhere, most of your carpet soiling issues originates from your kitchen. You see, cooking oils become airborne.  Air currents help these cooking oils travel throughout your restaurant. Also, wait staff traveling in and out of the kitchen bring those oily particles with them on their shoes. Eventually, cooking oils get lodged very heavily into your carpet.  And that is where restaurants have a fundamentally different problem with their carpet upkeep than any other carpeted situation.

That greasy kitchen residue attracts dirt like a magnet. Within a matter of a few weeks, restaurant carpet can be a matted, black mess.  I've seen restaurant carpet that was actually shiny, it had such a buildup of cooking oil in it. To avoid this reality, restaurant carpet needs to be on a regular, professional carpet cleaning schedule. Cleaning restaurant carpet at least once per month is an optimum plan for keeping your restaurant carpet clean.  Your customers want a clean, healthy place to eat.  Your carpet is one of the first things that will leave an impression on them.  And first impressions are the most vital. For any questions about dirty restaurant carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO, call Cleancare of Boulder at Ph.: 303-530-0646 today.