Do You Have Dirty Grout Lines in Boulder, CO?

Stone and tile floors are being installed at a record pace because people see other flooring options as being high maintenance propositions.  Carpet is being ripped out because of all the vacuuming and cleaning necessary to keep up it's appearance and durability.  Wood floors get scratched easily and need to be buffed and dry mopped constantly along with refinishing when they get scratched.  So people turn to long lasting tile floors as an alternative to other perceived high maintenance flooring choices.  However, tile floors have inherent issues that need addressing also.  Do you have dirty grout lines in Boulder, CO?  Dirty grout lines are the #1 factor of annoyance for tile floor home owners.

Dirty grout lines will spoil the appearance of any luxurious stone or ceramic tile floor.  And it is nearly impossible to not acquire soil in your grout lines. Why is that?  Grout lines sit below the surface of your tile floor.  Every time you sweep or mop your floor, dirt goes right into those lines onto the grout.  They are like small troughs all over your floor where debris collects.  After time, your grout soaks up this soil and shows up as very unattractive grout lines.  So... it's time to get the toothbrush and knee pads out, right?

You don't have to spend the day on your hands and knees.  That might be the most frustrating way to clean of any cleaning task in your home! But a professional tile and grout floor cleaning will restore your floors to sparkling like new condition.  We can even apply grout sealer to make them stay clean even longer and make future cleaning much easier. We have special tools that will blast out all that dirt and grunge with high pressure, hot water and it will all be quickly vacuumed and flushed out to our truck outside your home.  It's like power washing your floors without the mess!

If you answered, "Yes!" to the question of Do you have dirty grout lines in Boulder, CO, call us today at 303-530-0646.  We would love to visit with you at Cleancare of Boulder.