Do You Have Dirty Kitchen Floor Grout in Boulder, CO?

Have you looked down at your kitchen floor lately?  Sometimes, we get used to how are homes slowly get dirtier and dirtier right before our eyes until we have a really disgusting mess on our hands. Do you have dirty kitchen floor grout in Boulder, CO?

Your tile floor may look okay.  But the grout in between is like a valley that collects all of the dirt and gunk that you mop off of your floors.  As you slide your mop across your tile floor, you also slide a lot of the filth right into your grout lines where your mop cannot not remove it. Over time, you eventually forget what color your grout actually is.  Is your grout supposed to be black?  Remember when it wasn't?

Our specialized grout cleaning products penetrate that worn in soil and our our system will blast it out with 250 degree water at 1,200 pounds of pressure.  It's sort of like indoor power washing.  All of that filth is then immediately vacuumed off of your floor and into the holding tank in our truck parked outside.  You'll get truly amazing tile and grout cleaning results and you won't believe your eyes!

So... do you have dirty kitchen floor grout in Boulder, CO?  If so, give us a call at 303-530-0646 today so we can answer all of your questions.