Does Carpet Cleaning Make Carpet Get Dirty Faster? Carpet Cleaning in Erie, CO 80516, Cleancare of Boulder


Does carpet cleaning make carpet get dirty faster?”

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This is the most common question that I hear from clients.  The question stems from outdated beliefs or unsavory experiences with dishonest companies.  A carpet cleaning company could come into your home with residue leaving carpet shampoo, ignorant cleaning technicians and under powered machines. They just dump a bunch of big-box-store “carpet shampoo” on your carpet and then try to vacuum it up with their weak machine.  They have no idea how to get out most spots, are just too lazy to try, or are in too big of a hurry to get done with your job because they are charging such a cheap price. 

Then they leave lots of glue-like shampoo residue for all of your tracked in dirt to stick to.  No quality carpet cleaning company uses this method to clean carpet anymore.  Today, most companies do NOT even use carpet shampoo.  It has gone the way of the dinosaur in the carpet cleaning industry.   You’ll only find it where those little carpet shampooers at the grocery or hardware store are rented. You'll get the highest quality carpet cleaning in Erie, CO 80516.

So, don’t fall for the false marketing scare tactics from certain surface cleaning companies about how you shouldn’t steam clean your carpet and be sure you know about the cleaning company you hire.  The rule of thumb that pertains to most things also applies to carpet cleaning:  “You get what you pay for!”  And know this: your carpet warranty recommends hot water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning) for your carpet every one to two years (Mohawk and other leading manufacturers).


“But my carpet looked great for a long time before it finally got dirty, then I had it cleaned and it got dirty much faster than it did before.  Why is that?”

Two reasons.  One has to do with the nincompoop carpet cleaner from above question. But, assuming you hired a good, quality carpet cleaner, there is one more issue to look at.

New carpet, such as “Stainmaster” has a protective coating on it.  This coating protects the carpet fibers from soaking up spills or allowing soil penetration. It acts as a shield against the abuse from you, the carpet owner. However, over time, foot traffic wears off this protection and your new carpet finally becomes filthy.  If you wait too long to clean it, it will become damaged and never look new again.  When you do clean it, the reason that it seems like your cleaned carpet gets dirty faster than it did before it was cleaned is because it does.  What?  Did you read that correctly?

Yes– carpet that has been cleaned after one or two years, WILL soil more quickly than it did after you had it installed in your home.  Why?  The protective finish on the fibers has been gradually worn off by foot traffic.  Hey, don’t get mad at the messenger– YOU did it!

Also, quality, annual, hot water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning), which is recommended by your carpet manufacturer, cleans off approximately 30% of the protector barrier that has not been worn of f already by your foot traffic.  So with the carpet protector virtually GONE, your carpet gets dirty faster.  This is the greatest PROOF that carpet protector DOES in fact work. There is NO doubt about it.  We apply Scotchgard protector, the most trusted carpet porotector in the world.  Click here to find out more: Carpet cleaning in Erie, CO  80516.

Your carpet warranty recommends that you have carpet protector reapplied EVERY time you have your carpet cleaned on an annual basis.  If protector is replaced after cleaning, you won’t have quick resoiling.  You’ll have clean, fresh and fluffy carpet that stays clean when you maintain it at recommended, regular intervals.