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How to Clean Pet Urine From Oriental Rugs

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Many people have experienced it. You walk into the room that houses your prized oriental rug, and step into a wet pet urine spot on your rug. Oh no! But don't worry, with the proper cleaning, you can remove the pet urine and save your oriental rug. For the best results, clean up the urine immediately.

Here's how to remove pet urine from an oriental rug...

Step 1. Blot the pet urine spot.

Using some paper towels, blot up as much of the pet urine from the oriental rug as possible. Throw these away (obviously!)

Step 2. Place a bowl under the pet urine spot.

Slide the bowl under the urine spot, to catch the cleaning liquids that will leak through while you clean the oriental rug. If your oriental rug is smaller, you can take it outside and clean it on your driveway.

Step 3. Saturate the pet urine spot with water.

Pour some cool water over the urine spot, being careful not to overflow the bowl underneath.

Step 4. Pour vinegar over the urine spot.

Mix one cup vinegar with one cup cold water. Pour the vinegar and water mixture over the pet urine spot.

Step 5. Dry the oriental rug.

Remove the bowl from under the rug, and place a towel underneath. Then, blot the cleaned urine spot with a towel from above. Continue doing this until the rug has been thoroughly dried. For larger rugs, you may need to use an object to hold up the edge of the rug, and direct the flow of a fan underneath.

That's it! Good luck getting that oriental rug cleaned.

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