Are you Eligible to Receive Our $50 Gift Card?

One $50 Gift Card Good For Carpet, Tile and Grout Floors or Upholstered Furniture.

Nothing to Buy and NO Strings Attached of Any Kind!

 Are you a homeowner?  Are you a new client to Cleancare of Boulder? 

Then you ARE eligible for our $50 Gift Card!  No Cost and No Obligation.

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  I don't give free cleaning to just anybody.  But, if you've gotten this far in my website, I know you're worth it.  You are different than many homeowners.  You know that your carpet is a major home investment and that it plays a significant role in the health of your family as well as the aesthetic appeal and beauty of your home.  So....                      

  Here's exactly what I'll do just so you and my company can get to know each other:

 First I'll cover all the problems your carpet has.  I'll check for unwanted stains and discuss with you whether or not they can be removed and how. This includes pet stains, wine and drink spills, blood, rust, paint, ink and other difficult stains.  I'l  also go over high traffic areas and inspect for wear and let you know exactly what you can expect from a high quality deep cleaning with pure soft water steam. 

After analyzing your carpet, I'll give you an inspection report of the condition of your carpet-  I'll tell you what your carpets needs.  If you desire, I'll also give you a complete written, rock solid cleaning quote for the other areas you may be interested in cleaning.

And remember, you will NOT be hassled to buy anything.  This is an absolutely  FREE offer.


After your FREE Carpet Inspection, I'll Give YOU Your Prize:

$50 Dollars Worth of FREE Cleaning!


There will be absolutely NO cost and NO obligation.  NO teeny, tiny print.  Absolutely NO strings attached!  This will just give both you and me a chance to get to know each other.  You'll see how we turn tired, old carpet into plush, new-looking, luxurious carpet- the kind you bought! That dingy, dark grout and tile floor will be transformed to sparkling clean.  Or your upholstered furniture will be bright, fresh and feel absolutely luxurious!

If you totally fall in love with what we cleaned for free, you'll have a written quote of how much it'd be to make your whole house look that good.  But as you know by now, you are under NO obligation. This IS a gift!

You see, my company is going to be here for a long,long time.  And I wouldn't have stayed in business for 18 years if I were pushy or rude.  I just wouldn't make it.  Plus, that's just not me!  I make friends... not enemies!

So, if you ever use my services agin, I'll be thrilled (and so will you).  But if you don't, that's fine.  There won't be any hard feelings.


Hope to visit with you soon and give you your prize and gift,

Ken Strid

Take Advantage of Your Prize:

a $50 Gift Card

AND a FREE Carpet Inspection!



                             You've Won!  There is NO Catch!   

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