Got Dirty Casino Carpet in Black Hawk, CO?

What happens to carpet when thousands of people every day walk on it?  They bring in the dirty soil from the mountain streets, fiber rotting ice melt chemicals from the sidewalks, spill beer and soft drinks all over the place and even spit their gum out and smash it into the carpeting.  This happens every single day from thousands of people tromping around your casino and this video pertains to you if you've got dirty casino carpet in Black Hawk, CO.

Wool carpeting is the most durable, most beautiful and most expensive wall to wall carpet you can buy.  Most casinos and fine hotels install it both for it's luxurious appearance as well as for it's long lasting qualities. However, because it gets pounded and abused every day by such a large amount of people, it is absolutely necessary to have a monthly maintenance program in place that includes high heat, truck mounted steam cleaning.  All other methods of attempting to clean such a vast amount of dirt and other material out of carpet fail in comparison.

Professional steam cleaning is the only carpet cleaning method that is hot enough, uses the best specialized cleaning agents and has the vacuum power necessary to remove virtually all materials, including sticky cleaning residue. We can even easily remove those wads of chewing gum that have been mashed into your carpet. 

If wool carpet is not cleaned on a regular basis, those valuable fibers will wear out quickly and no amount of cleaning will improve their appearance.  You have your first chance of making a great impression on your customers when they initially walk through your doors.  If they are looking down when they walk in, what is their first impression?  Is it dirty, mangy looking carpet that has a clear dark wear pattern leading in from the entrance? Is your customer's first thought about your casino negative?  Do they feel that they are in a dirty, run down gaming hall and that maybe they should turn and go someplace else where they won't feel so uncomfortable?  

It should not be that way.  Wool carpeting is astronomically expensive and should make the rest of your casino shine and look lavish and inviting. And that is exactly how it will be when you have a quality professional cleaning company maintain your carpet's beauty.  If you've got dirty casino carpet in Black Hawk, CO, give us a call at Cleancare: Ph. 303-530-0646 today!