Great Basement Apartment Carpet Cleaning in Erie, CO.

What a great way to  turn nothing into something!  Finishing out your basement complete with a kitchen and bath puts money in your pocket and makes that mortgage much more reasonable.  Now you've got an income property downstairs in your basement. Spacious basement apartments easily find willing renters. And to think... all you had down there before was a bunch of boxes and useless junk.

Keep in mind, however, the type of people that you desire to live in YOUR home.  Your basement is, after all, still in your home. Who do you want near your family, what will their living habits be like and what will they be able to afford? If you want a higher class of clientele that will pay top dollar, you'll need to keep your rental clean and in good condition.  This means that cleaning maintenance schedules need to be a part of your landlord routine. And carpet cleaning on a regular basis is a major part of that.  This video shows great basement apartment carpet cleaning in Erie, CO.

No one wants to live in someone else's dirt and grime.  If you are not at least professionally cleaning the carpet in between tenants, you will have worn out carpet and an unattractive rental in no time. The truth is, renters are not very careful about how they treat your carpeted floors.  At the very least, rental carpet should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months, depending on children or pets. Did you know that in most cases the first thing that a guest does upon entering your home is look down at the floors?  What kind of first impression does dirty, worn carpet make on a prospective rental client?

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