Great Tile Floor Cleaning in Arvada, CO

This video shows great tile floor cleaning in Arvada, CO.  Putting down tile floors in the entry from your garage is a great idea.  If you have ever had carpet in that area, you know how horrible that is.  Carpet in the garage entry quickly gets caked with grease and soils from the garage floor. After all, garage floors are always filthy, whether you sweep them regularly or not.  You park cars in there.  Tires have who knows what on them. Exhaust from your car's engine ends up on the floor.  Dirt from outside gets tracked in from your shoes, the lawnmower and bike tires.  Gasoline, pesticides, fertilizers and many other items you don't want in your home are right outside that thin door to your garage.

When you have carpet in that garage entry area, it soaks up those soils and unwanted contaminants from your shoes.  Very quickly, carpet becomes so compacted with all of that material from the garage, that restoring it with cleaning becomes impossible.  However, if you have a tile floor, regular sweeping and mopping will clean all of that foreign matter right up.  And when you notice that the color of your tile has darkened and the grout lines are soiled, it's time for a professional tile and grout steam cleaning.  We'll come in with great tile cleaning products and pre-treat the floor area to loosen up the soils and stains.  Then we attach a tile and grout floor cleaning tool to our truck mounted steam cleaning machine.  This will blast your floor with 250 degree soft water at over 1,000 pounds of pressure. And all of the dirt, chemicals and debris from your garage will be vacuumed immediately off of your floor to the holding tank in our truck outside.

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