Greatest Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, CO.

We say we provide the greatest carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO and we back it up.  We have cleaned after many professional carpet cleaners and the difference is undeniable.  All carpet cleaners are not the same. Some are splash and dash speedsters who fly through your home so fast they make your head spin.  They don't get your carpet very clean, but they do leave you with a soaking wet, mold inducing mess.  Some are bait and switch con artists who promise the world for a very low price but when they get into your home its a whole different story. Then they'll tell you that they only clean with water and a cheap portable machine for that low price.  If you want clean carpet, you'll have to pay A LOT more for their "premium" carpet cleaning.  They're intimidation tactics will make you uncomfortable and you may never trust a carpet cleaner again!

Cleancare of Boulder is different.  We quote one price and stick to it.  We clean with the finest cleaning products available and superior cleaning equipment.  We have the most experience in the business and have Certified Master Textile Cleaner status. We always go the extra mile for you and you won't believe your eyes after we have cleaned the carpet in your home.  We provide the most thorough cleaning ever.  And it will dry quickly and stay clean longer.

If you have questions about the greatest carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO, give us a call at Cleancare of Boulder at 303-530-0646.