Have Your Area Rugs Steam Cleaned in Boulder, CO.

So what is the deal on cleaning area rugs, anyway? A lot of people will tell you that you should never have your area rug steam cleaned.  While this is certainly true of woven, Oriental type wool rugs, it is certainly not the case with tufted wool, or any style of nylon, olefin or polyester.  Have your area rugs steam cleaned in Boulder, CO.

We actually have a great rug washing service for fine wool rugs and highly recommend washing wool rugs. However, if you cannot justify the price of rug washing because you did not pay for an expensive rug, then steam cleaning is the best way to go.  Your wall to wall carpet is made of the same fibers as synthetic area rugs.  Just because there are intricate patterns on your synthetic area rug, does not mean that you cannot have it steam cleaned.  The synthetic (nylon) rug below is an example of this. Rest assured, those colors will not fade.

The  3 main reasons that we wash woven wool rugs and don't steam clean them:

1)        Dirt gets embedded in the woven knots and needs to be washed away by submersion.

2)        Wool shrinks with high heat. Fine rug washing uses cool water, never hot.

3)        Hot water and alkaline cleaning agents may cause dye migration or bleeding in woven wool rugs.                Washing utilizes dye locking ingredients and gentle, neutral cleaning agents.

However, none of this is a factor with synthetic rugs. Your only concern when having an area rug steam cleaned is the floor underneath it. Here are two important factors to consider:

1) If the floor underneath is carpet, you cannot have the carpet cleaned underneath, otherwise that carpet will not dry and you could have a moldy mess developing underneath your rug.


2) If the surface underneath is hardwood, there must either be a thick pad (felt, felt/rubber or horsehair) under your rug or you must have the carpet technician place a tarp under it.  Water can seep through the rug onto the hardwood underneath.  And if left there while the rug dries, there could be some resulting wood floor damage.  NEVER leave a rug to dry on a hardwood floor without protection underneath the rug.

We usually place your area rugs on top of carpet, tile or concrete to clean them.  If your rug is on hardwood and we are cleaning your wall to wall carpet, we would move it to another area.  Sometimes this would be your front driveway, back patio or even your basement. If you have no exposed floor large enough to clean the rug, we would clean it on top of your carpet and then hang it from any available banister either inside or outside of your home.

If you have any questions on how to have your area rugs steam cleaned in Boulder, CO, call us at Cleancare of Boulder: Ph. 303-530-0646