How About Professionally Cleaning Your Family Room Carpet in Boulder, CO?

So you are meticulous about your home being clean.  You run your index finger over surfaces you walk past, checking for dust.  One errant sock on the floor is not tolerated.  No dirty dishes are allowed to sit on the kitchen counter. You sweep the floors and vacuum carpets multiple times a week.  The smallest streak or fingerprint on a window could drive you crazy. And yet... you have allowed dirty traffic lanes to develop in your carpet because no amount of vacuuming resolves that problem. And slight food and drink spills are still evident because your spot cleaner doesn't quite get the stains completely out. Well, what are you going to do about it? Well, for a start, how about professionally cleaning your family room carpet in Boulder, CO?  

Did you know that Cleancare of Boulder will give you one trial room of carpet cleaning, up to 100 sq feet, for FREE? And by the way, You are not alone. MOST people neglect having their carpets cleaned.  The main reason is that your carpet gradually starts looking dirty over a period of months.  Since you see it every day, you simply don't notice that it has gotten dirty.  Now if you only could see your carpet once a month, you probably would notice how quickly it was getting dirty.  Month by month, the constant usage by your feet, the environment, pets and food and drink take their toll on your carpet.  But did you know that it is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers that carpet be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months, depending on usage?  And if you let it go too long without cleaning, your carpet will develop mangy traffic wear patterns that NO amount of cleaning will ever be able to fix.  So why not have your carpet cleaned now, before it's too late?  After all, didn't you just do that finger wipe thing again?  Your carpet needs your attention, too!

Well, how about professionally cleaning your family room carpet in Boulder, CO?  If you're saying, "Yes, Ken I'd love too," call Cleancare of Boulder today at Ph.: 303-530-0646.